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Manpower Recruitment Company

Al Shayan Tours & Travels is one of the leading manpower recruitment companies with the approval of Government of India Ministry of Labor. Our company is highly experienced in fulfilling the recruitment and staffing needs of the different clients in different countries. Thanks to our able team, we are able to use advance measures to find the right candidate to suit the needs of the clients.

Our company offers one of the finest manpower services to companies in India and abroad. The professionals at Al Shayan Tours & Travels use some tools to meet the requirements of the clients. The company has a database of applicants which they can use as a reference to find the candidate suitable for the profile. A lot of methods are used to collect the references of candidates like online media, direct hiring etc. The pre-screen services are undertaken by the trained and experienced evaluators. The technical and medical evaluators use various methods to screen the ideal candidates that suit the requirements of the clients. They can provide a number of candidates which is much more than required for the representatives of the clients to select for the pre-screening.

The most important of the many services that the company provides to the clients is the selection of the right candidates for the profile. The company can offer the list of the suitable candidates for the clients to choose from or we can do that for them. A team of talented professionals who are qualified enough to understand the needs of the clients can help select candidates for the different sectors.

Along with recruitment process, our company also offers services to deploy the selected candidates to the location of the clients. Filling and processing of the documents of the candidates like immigration papers, Visa, work permits etc. are handled well by our people. Our Liaison officers can help in the process. The medical facility here can help the candidates get medical examination required for travelling abroad.

As a part of our services we make sure the clients are informed of the every move and part of the process undertaken. Every progress done during the process of the recruitment is informed to the client with a full report. The notice of the deployment of the candidates is also informed to them in advance. The employers are stated with the details of the deployment of the candidates at least three days before.

Al Shayan Tours & Travels also takes care of purchasing airline tickets and booking hotel accommodations for the clients. We have a Legal and Welfare section where all the issues of the deployed workers are taken care of.

Our company offers excellent placement services to organization big and small. Our team of professionals understands the need of every client. They use various measures including the technological ones to meet the requirements of the clients. All kinds of companies of various sectors are offered candidates suitable for the profile given by them. We look for applicants that match the description given by the clients and place the ones who are the most suitable.


Al Shayan Tours & Travels have been in the industry of manpower solutions for a long period of time. We have been helping our clients get the employees. We have reached with over thousands of offices.


HR Management is a function that is taken up by organizations to enhance employee performance. A lot of activities like recruitment, training and development, performance etc.


We understand the requirements of our clients and hence provide you with the right candidates for your business. Our area of work includes providing right talents to clients.


We believe in provide a hassle free service where the client is given A-Z solution. Hence, Al Shayan Tours & Travels don’t stop at just providing the client right candidates for the business.


The increased health awareness among people has made the companies excessive conscious about recruiting candidates who are in good health condition.


Al Shayan Tours & Travels are one of the leading service providers for various recruitment solutions. Our efficient team of professionals works extensively to give our clients the right employees.